... from the award winning author of Absolution comes a tale of human evil, corruptibility and weakness, resilience and courage ...

Top ten finalist in the 2014 Faulkner-Wisdom Novel competition

…sweeping storytelling and poetic language. Herin’s absolute fidelity to detail, to historicity, to research – leavened with an imaginative flair nothing short of inspired – mints a narrative as real, as harrowing, as documentary footage….a supremely ambitious book from a thoroughly gifted writer.” –Joseph Bathanti, award-winning poet and novelist, author of The Life of the World to Come


In this epic literary mystery, art is not merely a luxury item for the bourgeoisie. Instead, art is what we turn to when everything else has been lost. Although the backgrounds here are sweeping—the stuff of revolution—it is through the quiet moments of everyday life where Miriam Herin makes her most compelling connections, reminding us that art is for the moments when you’ve got nothing left—and art is for all of us….Herin weaves a riveting and compassionate narrative out of lifelines that, in ways I can’t quite explain, have echoed across the decades and become part of my own.” L.C. Fiore, author of Green Gospel



“…piercing and evocative, imaginative and unsettling, psychologically thrilling. The suspense Herin weaves throughout is palpable. Big questions are explored: Does one ever really know another human being? How do we distinguish truth from rationalization? … A Stone For Bread is an irresistible page-turner.” — Judy Goldman, award-winning novelist and poet and author of Losing My Sister