Miriam’s novel, A Stone for Bread, won the Legacy Award in the 2020 Eric Hoffer Awards competition and was short-listed for the Grand Prize. 











Miriam’s short story “Lucky” won the 2018 Doris Betts Fiction Prize, sponsored by the NC Writers Network. The story is published in the February 2019 on-line edition of the North Carolina Literary Review. Read it here

Miriam interviewed by Chapel Hill professor Michele Berger, author of REENU-YOU Here’s the link

A Landis Wade podcast on writing fiction with Miriam and NC Literary Review Senior Associate Editor and author Christy Alexander Hallberg: Here’s the link: Charlotte Readers Podcast

Accolades for A Stone for Bread:

Starred Kirkus review: “A man long accused of fabricating a book of Holocaust poems reveals deeper and more complicated secrets in this absorbing novel.”

A Stone for Bread reviewed with authors Robert Morgan and Terry Roberts in the Online 2017 NC Literary ReviewTo see the review:

Finalist: North Carolina’s prestigious 2016 Sir Walter Raleigh Fiction Award.

Splendid review by Kristina Moriconi in ChangeSeven Magazine: “On the pages of A Stone for Bread, there are intersections where readers will want to pause, places where poetry and politics meet, where history and human relationships overlap and weave together…” To see the review: 

Recommended by U.S. Review of Books: “Brimming with literary quality, this excellent and moving book should not be missed.” To see full review:

A Stone for Bread is an Award-Winning Finalist in the 2017 International Book Awards.

Prior to publication, A Stone for Bread was a top-ten finalist in the 2014 International Faulkner-Wisdom Creative Writing Competition (category novel)

Wonderful “Goodreads” review by author Jorge Cortese: “This is an absorbing read, and a book that won’t be exhausted in a single reading. There’s so much story here, and a sense of the past barging into the present, to change it yet again. And there’s poetry, lots of poetry, real and invented; or maybe invented, or perhaps real. It’s hard to see how so much has been packed in an average-length book, but the journey of unpacking and admiring this jewel would not stop with reaching the book’s end. It seems to start anew as we get to the last page….





















–explores the mysteries of the human spirit — our capacity for deep evil and also deep love.” Mary Moore, 5-star Goodreads Review. See full review at Goodreads.

–“…a vivid picture of a man struggling with his past, trying to understand how that past and his desire to do the right thing ruined him.” Deidre Smith. See full review at the Salisbury Post.

“…a narrative as real, as harrowing, as documentary footage… a supremely ambitious book from a thoroughly gifted writer.” –Joseph Bathanti, author of The Life of the World to Come

“…piercing and evocative, imaginative and unsettling, psychologically thrilling…” —Judy Goldman, author of Losing My Sister 

–it is through the quiet moments of everyday life where Miriam Herin makes her most compelling connections, reminding us that art is for the moments when you’ve got nothing left—and art is for all of us.” –L.C. Fiore, author of Green Gospel

“Five-star review by Goodreads reader Pat “beautifully written…” for the full review, go to